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Top 10 interior design company UAE

Top 10 interior design company UAE

Often clients are looking for a company from the Top 10 interior design company UAE, these are entrepreneurs, company executives, top managers, civil servants. Someone follows the recommendations of friends, someone finds it on the Internet. The company Luxury Antonovich Design deservedly takes pride to be among top 10 interior design company UAE. In general, we work with those customers who are ready to trust us, who value their time and ours, who are looking for fresh ideas, who want to get a guaranteed result and quality service and is ready for it to pay adequate money.

The main line of business Top 10 interior design company UAE -creation and implementation of design projects.

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio creates design interiors in the UAE and remotely worldwide.

We provide a full range of services on a turn-key basis: interior design, construction and installation and engineering works, purchase of all materials and furniture.

During the years of intensive development of the company, we put together a team of talented specialists — designers and builders. Each employee of the Luxury Antonovich Design has from 5 to 15 years practice of creating unique authors designs.

We are working to make repair and construction work for you a creative and enjoyable process. To do this, we focused on important values in cooperation.

Service. Our task is to hear the wishes and implement them in the best design solutions, to create for you a comfortable atmosphere of cooperation. At the heart of the excellent result — punctuality, scrupulous attitude and attention to the details of each employee.

Timing. An important point on which the success or failure of the project depends on. Therefore, compliance with deadlines, time management — our professional skill

Honesty. The courage to be honest in any situation is a powerful competitive advantage of modern companies. We create and value open, trusting relationships with customers.

Quality. In cooperation with us, you will appreciate how long the design will be relevant, how durable the decoration will be.

Uniqueness. A true masterpiece is born in the realization of the individual talent of the designer in the direction that you ask. We believe that the goal is achieved when the project becomes a reflection of the character of the customer.

We are happy when our interiors inspire you to an amazing, bright and comfortable life!

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