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Interior stylist

There is such a profession — interior stylist. What is meant by this, everyone decides for himself. Although it is obvious to everyone that we are talking about a person who is well versed in fashion trends, works easily with color, texture, composition, has an excellent artistic taste and is ready at any second from seemingly ordinary objects to build a masterpiece that if it does not go down in history, but definitely will please the eye! Interior stylist — the concept is extensive, it deals with different spheres of life, including the art of interior. We decided to find out what is the difference between this profession and the work of the designer or the decorator.

And heres what conclusion we came to: the fundamental difference is that if designers prefer to work “from scratch”, often building the image in the literal sense of the word from the concrete emptiness, the interior stylist work with the finished objects, providing advice on how, by simple and accessible means, without breaking the walls, to achieve harmony in this or that space. Interior stylist — create concepts for advertising shootings of various products and painstakingly build the composition, trying to create the right atmosphere by means of an ideal combination of items, textures, light, and color. It is interior stylist is trusted with the interior photographing of private and commercial premises, which will be put up for sale or for rent. That is, interior stylist has a slightly different task, in comparison with the interior designer, to present the space, build a visual image, place emphasis, which will help to hide the shortcomings of the room due to the fact that they will take on the role of the main accents, catching the eye.

Very often designer does not deal with trifles like as perfectly placed porcelain on the shelves. The designer thinks differently. In the first place is always functionality (certainly in combination with aesthetics), details at the second place. And then one day comes the very moment when interior stylist comes and makes finishing touches. Currently, clients increasingly prefer consulting projects turnkey. A full project with working drawings and detailed estimates not everyone can afford, someone wants to try to independently design their house, but does not feel 100% self-confidence and wants to get professional advice. It may very well be that it is the interior stylist who will become the very person who will direct you to the right direction, giving his energy and love of detail.

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