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Marble fit-out of premises was always considered the standard of style, solidity and prosperity. Marble walls, floors and stairs are associated with palaces and royal chambers, creating an atmosphere of aristocracy and luxury. Marble wall panels from Luxury Antonovich Design transform the room into an elegant living space, perfectly combining with the design of all styles.

For the perfect combination of appearance and performance properties marble is deservedly called the king of decoration. Marble wall panels are widely used both in apartments and in office rooms and restaurants. The color scale of stone wall panels opens the broadest opportunities for flight of design thought. Natural stone is known for its unique colors and tones, which often becomes a highlight in the decor of the room. Panels of all grades of stone combine long service life, resistance to UV and mechanical damage.


The unique marble ornaments make an indelible impression, testifying to the exquisite taste of the owners of the house. Marble wall panels by Luxury Antonovich Design are perfectly combined with mirrors, glass, as well as wooden and metal products, and in an ensemble with a marble tabletop and soft lighting, they are able to completely transform any interior of bathroom or kitchen. Most often there are used pink and cream shades of marble in such interiors.

Marble panels are successfully used in the decoration of hallways and lobbies, living rooms and bedrooms. Light shades of marble visually increase the room, keeping its comfort and unsurpassed style. Marble walls are often the basis for panels and mosaics. Extensive color palette allows marble to be in the center of any interior, and nature itself takes care of the uniqueness of the marble surface pattern. Interior marble wall fit-out is the best way to demonstrate the taste and viability of a home-owner.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company manufactures natural stone wall panels to order in Dubai. We use only branded stone of leading brands, as well as our own marble, with an assortment of which you can get acquainted by visiting our showroom. All products are warranted, warranty and post-warranty service is provided. Also, our services include measurements, delivery and installation of stone wall panels. We guarantee the 100% quality of our products, as you can see for yourself.

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