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Modern manufacture of hand-woven and machine-made carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design has gained significant heights. We create a wide variety of carpets of the best quality. The design of carpets used for interior design, significantly affects its perception, because such a large detail can not affect the situation. Carpets bring a special coziness to the interior, help to zone the room, emphasize the peculiarities of the style, and are indispensable for every home to create a truly comfortable atmosphere.

Katrina Antonovich

The carpets made by own factory of Luxury Antonovich Design have different pile length options:

— carpets with dense long pile; suit well for bedrooms;

— carpets with a short nap — for the living room, home cinema and hallway;

— smooth hand-woven carpets perfectly look in the living room, childrens room, kitchen space or even bathroom.

All Luxury Antonovich Design carpet products comply with the main quality requirements:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • compliance with fashion trends;
  • ease of care.

A beautiful, properly selected designer carpet, custom-made by Luxury Antonovich Design, will not only decorate the house, but fill it with warmth and coziness.


Luxury Antonovich Design Company and its own factory are engaged in carpet weaving for many years, and our designers are able to create for you a unique handmade carpet on an order in the shortest possible time.

Types of ethnic carpets produced by Luxury Antonovich Design masters:

African style (and Eco style), Arabic (Moroccan) directions perfectly complement the bright natural handmade carpet with a geometric Arabic pattern, print, resembling the skin of natural materials.

Asian (Japanese, Chinese) floor carpet designs are true works of art. Silk threads of this textile play with bright colors.

The placement of carpets in the interior space has its own particularities:

— monochromatic carpets of clear geometric forms are appropriate in rooms with classic interior;

— multi-colored carpets are good in rooms decorated in a specific theme;

— asymmetric carpets of bright, saturated colors will be suitable for the design in modern style;

— carpets in the interior of Provence style have a rough texture and are painted in tones, emphasizing the naturalness of the material;

— for African style it can be performed by the skin of any wild animal.

Thanks to the centuries-old experience and traditions, the drawing and design of handmade carpets is preserved in its original form, complemented only by new colors and exquisite elements that are present in Luxury Antonovich Design.

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