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The modern rhythm of life, when all events, deeds and even the very course of history move with rapid speed, when every day is saturated with deeds, events, trips, meetings and conversations. And, only by adopting the rules of this game, you can come tosuccess. At this moment, the creation of a cozy home, which would become a cozy island where you can relax and unwind after the turbulent everyday life becomes the foreground.

The design of villa Ajman from the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design  has become something more than the creation of elite housing. This was the creation of a new era in interior design. The interiors have become a subtle reflection of the psychological portrait of apartment owners. And every stylish interior of the villa becomes a bright and individual reflection of fashion in interior design.

The best design studio in Ajman, which certainly belongs to the studio Antonovich Design, strive to create luxurious author's interiors, which become an ideal habitat for their owners.

An example of the interior design of this villa reflects the high level of professionalism of the studio team. A friendly family received the interior of their dreams, in which all habits, preferences and age of family members are subtly emphasized. In general, the elite interior of the apartment combined modern style with its bold author's solutions and festive art deco, which in our time is absolutely stunning in its festivity and beauty. Most of the space is occupied by a zone that harmoniously united the living room, dining room and kitchen. There is an atmosphere of a certain solemnity and undoubtedly nobility with aristocratic features.

The combination of natural marble of light shade in the decor of the walls with a chocolate shade of noble silk in the decoration of the windows perfectly emphasize the luxurious mood. Decent and elegant looks like a ceiling, which was decorated with a shallow niche in the center with an original and stylish decor.

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