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Elegant Entrance Design in Pakistan

Elegant Entrance Design in Pakistan

The entrance de lux design of Antonovich is one of the world’s pristine gateways to another paradise. Its illuminated staircase houses the stairway to heaven which gives you an ascending feeling to the clouds while going up to the next floor.A touch of blue and white gives a resemblance to the skies above, combined with the glimmering reflections of the sofa piece gives you a relaxing vibe to sit down and experience what it is like to lounge on the clouds. A little step further and you are transported to an ice palace with resplendently glossy walls covering the abode, modernly designed ceiling similar to a cloud’s silver lining.

The piece that will fascinate you the most is the main chandelier upon the staircase that is comparable to icicles upon a cave and this pattern continuous to go around the room with the lines the curtains make, the cracked ice pattern on the marble and the flow of the metallic lines in the room.The lights were also strategically placed on the corners of the ceiling hence giving this marvelous room a commodious, kempt and glacial ambiance. Element combination of wood, metal, and glass depicts that this is the most prestigious part of a room, showing the prowess that you could harness as you roam around the area.

On the second level, the lights that are headed to another door are placed in the middle of the ceiling, like an arrow pointing you to another way, into a room full of surprises. The waiting lounge is lit in another shade of blue, a vibrant and ardent hue that lures you have a seat to look at the calming view outside the window.If the Antonovich entrance de lux would have a gender, I am sure that it is a strong woman. The lotus flower in the ceiling and the blue rose on the floor, with partial orchids on vases, and the greens that flourish on the pavement accentuates the features of a modern woman, and, her strength is channeled to the sturdy marble pillars that support the room, her complexity on the detailed lampshades and wall pattern. Truly, a room that has its own life.

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