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Majlis design in Medina

There are a set of components that emphasize an exquisite beauty of the room for Majlis design in Medina. This bright, saturated colors, no straight lines and flat surfaces, an abundance of lace thread, ornaments, a large number of fabrics (draping of the walls, plenty of pillows, luxury curtains, soft furniture), an abundance of tricks of the light. Majlis design in Medina from Luxury Antonovich Design aims to create an atmosphere for relaxation and rest.

A heavy expensive wooden furniture is used richly decorated with exquisite carvings. The central place is for the sofa with lots of colorful pillows. A small table for the hookah must necessarily be near the bed. Giving room oriental notes, we prefer to use warm shades of colors, while seeking their optimal combination. It is assumed that in a state of mind, it will be possible to dream about the future, make plans, to achieve the goals, to conquer the hearts of the interlocutors. The color scheme should create a sense of joyful and beautiful life.

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