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Luxury Classic Kitchen

Luxury classics in all its charm, chic and sumptuous decoration has penetrated into every corner of the cozy kitchen of one of the villas in Dubai. Interior designers Luxury Antonovich Design delightfully combines fine traditions and modern technology. This helps to create magnificent interiors with bright character, never happen again. Interior Design Dubai reflects fashion trends and sets new trends. Kitchen interior design impresses with abundance of exquisite solutions. Interior designers intelligently organized space and luxury kitchen is not only beautiful in its elegant appearance, but it has excellent functionality. Bright and cozy moments in the kitchen interior became curtains. Luxury silk velvet of red wine shade with a golden braid adorns the window in the form of exquisite curtains. Luxury kitchen interior furniture made of natural wood of valuable species is inlaid with gold carved decor. Curls of carved decoration on the facades of furniture exquisitely repeated curls on the floor of natural marble. Warm and cozy kitchen interior mood is complemented with luxurious wallpaper and charming classical sconce. Ceiling decor combines tradition and modernity. Ornate chandelier with wrought iron elements and crystal pendants surround the elegant snow-white stucco and modern lighting.

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