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Kitchen Interior Design Dubai

Villa design Dubai is in the classical style in compliance with the best traditions and the use of modern trends. Kitchen interior design in this project from studio Luxury Antonovich Design has gone beyond the ordinary. The kitchen has become an integral part of the dining area. Interior Designers Dubai exquisitely highlighted in this project warmth and hospitality of the owners of the house. Here, everything suggests that the house always welcomes and they are ready to offer the best. The spacious dining room with large dining table has become one of the ways to emphasize hospitality. The table is made of wood of valuable species surrounded by soft chairs with high backs with noble posture. In the overall scheme of bright pastel colors windows decoration looked clearly and expressively. The elegant appearance of the interior is complemented with the curtains of precious silk of emerald hue. Curtains in a classical style with soft lambrequins comfortably and perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen and dining room. The highlight of each author's project of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design becomes flooring decor. In this luxurious interior surface of the marble floor is decorated with exquisite decor carved with nice patterns. Ceiling design sets a festive mood for every meal, which will be held in a luxurious interior. Kitchen interior design is a part of a beautiful image of contemporary luxury.

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