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Interior Design Kitchen Dubai

The interior design in classical style always has been popular for centuries. This style perfectly reflects the high status of the owners of houses and apartments and their keen understanding of beauty and impeccable taste. Interior design in the style of modern classics from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design, each project has unique beauty features, while maintaining the tradition of classical style. Interior designers Dubai always complement traditions with modern décor and lighting. House Design Dubai filled the feeling of warmth, comfort and sunny mood. Large kitchen area looks more spacious and easier, thanks to the fact that there a bright range of colors prevails. High ceiling in cream colors combines luxurious space. Graceful curls of stucco played with the light, highlighting the massive crystal chandelier and light small ceiling lights. Curtains in the kitchen interior have bright and rich accents. The windows have curtains of precious silk of pale green hue and complemented by soft lambrequins in rich green tones. Luxury floor of natural marble is decorated with exquisite carved patterns. The facades of kitchen furniture in cream color are complemented by the working surfaces of black marble. This contrast is even more expressive thanks to the lines of hidden illumination.

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