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Interior Design Luxury Kitchen

Lace mood with hints of glamor in the kitchen interior makes it concise continuation of luxurious living room. Apartment Design Dubai corresponds to the fashion trends and reflects the hospitality and apartment owners' love of holidays. Spacious living room is combined with dining area. The dining room zone is separated from the kitchen with a nice wall. Warm chocolate, vanilla and cream hues fill the interior of the apartment with a special mood of warmth of home comfort. A spectacular design solution form a unique image of the apartment interior in Art Deco style. The unifying element of the interior has become a niche with graceful outline on the ceiling, which is filled with decorative plaster with the texture of velvet. A fancy chandeliers define the center of the living room and dining area. High soft chairs surround a large rectangular table. This composition looks stylish at the background of decorative wall with a mirror in the form of the sun and amazing lace patterns. Kitchen interior design harmoniously continues lace mood. Kitchen facades filled with lace patterns over the entire surface. Work surfaces of precious marble emphasize the elite status of the interior. Fine kitchen furniture facade veiled the latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances. Kitchen interior design very harmoniously fit into the overall picture of luxury, highlighting the details of the other bright luxurious atmosphere.

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