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Kitchen Design to Abu Dhabi

The villa design Abu Dhabi is an enchanting mix of Art Deco and modern style. The luxury of a new era, which design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers, combines innovative ideas and traditions. Kitchen Design became concise continuation of the design concept of the house. Spacious apartment on the first floor has combined kitchen and dining area. These apartments are equal in size to the apartment of cozy living room. In such a luxurious interior you feel light and harmony. The interior is not loaded with unnecessary details of decor, but still looks very elegant and refined. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi for zoning of the space used two massive elegant art deco chandeliers with large crystal pendants. To create a dynamic mood and sense of harmony the ceiling is divided into several niches of rectangular shape. Stucco, LED lights, mirror elements, all of this together forms a complete image of the ceiling decoration. Additional ceiling lights enhance luster of the luxury interior. The kitchen is full of exquisite details. For example, to distinguish kitchen and living room interior designers offered by two graceful columns with silver capitals, between which crystal beads fall.

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