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Kitchen Design Nigeria


Classic is always popular. The design of modern classic kitchen in Nigeria is luxurious, comfortable and will always be relevant for many years. Classic kitchen in a modern interpretation is a special compromise in the interior — elegant, cozy and comfortable. In this project in Nigeria of our company Luxury Antonovich Design perfect classic concepts are combined with neutral shades of modern style. We have chosen the modern classics as a version of kitchen furniture, utensils, decor and finishing adapted to today's requirements and fashion of a beautiful house design.

The interior of this beautiful house design, which is decorated in the style of a modern classic, includes soft decoration materials. The basic structures, shapes and coatings of a house design in Nigeria are:
—  White or cream furniture.
—  Stucco and multi-level ceiling.
—  Arches and niches.
—  Natural stone surfaces.
—  Minimum of too bright decor.
—  Combination of matte and glossy textures of furniture.
—  Finishing materials in this beautiful house design Nigeria were chosen in shades of white, beige and cream. They look incredibly impressive and give an atmosphere of comfort and freshness.

The interior of the kitchen design in Nigeria has a lot of lighting — both natural and artificial sources, for the furniture to become expressive.


The luxury taste of modern classic interior design is followed in all the details — it is better to use only high quality natural materials. Traditional forged elements, stucco molding, blackening and gilding are used as decorations for walls and ceilings in this amazing project of a kitchen design Nigeria.

The color scheme is restrained, reflecting the philosophy of style: nothing screaming and can be characterized with respectability, external modesty and luxurious performance of every detail of the interior. Beige tones in the decoration of the kitchen have long become a classic. This color at the same time gives the interior both rigor and tenderness.

To make the furniture not to merge with the floor and walls our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design have used different shades, played on the contrast of beige and coffee and chocolate tones. Dark beige was decided to allocate the windows, counter tops and the individual parts of the kitchen. Light shades of this amazing color were left for the flooring and walls facing.

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