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The best interior Design bedroom

Each design project that creates design studio Antonovich Design is a unique story of a beautiful interior. We never repeat our works . After all, each of our customers is a unique personality with their own character, their habits, and sense of style. This delightful bedroom interior we have developed for the eldest daughter of the owner of an elite home. Each project have something that plays first fiddle in the creation of a luxurious and comfortable image. In this beautiful bedroom interior, the main role is played by wall decor. Note the beautiful decor panels. Their arched shape follows the shape of the windows. Flexible panels are upholstered in silk of noble creamy hue. Shallow diamond-shaped stitch with buttons gives to silk texture extra luster and play of light. By such decor panels, decorated each of the walls in the bedroom interior. To enhance the beautiful features of this decor element, interior designers use LED backlighting through the forged openwork ornaments. For the interior design of the bedroom in classic style, well suit items such as a wall pilasters with stucco decor and gilding. Decorative plaster of creamy tone, perfectly combined with gilded elements. Lush curls of stucco decoration on the ceiling plays light and shade under the light of elegant crystal chandelier. With all the splendor and abundance of decorative elements, bedroom interior looks very harmonically and without much pomp. The decor of the floorings we offered a beautiful Italian marble with carved patterns. Curls patterns exquisitely repeating stucco curls in the decoration of walls and ceilings.

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