• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
От дизайн-проекта до реализации | производство и комплексная поставка мебели, подбор аксессуаров | EMAAR консалтинг, сопровождение проектов

Interior with Pastel Mood

Bedroom design in modern style from design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design elegantly repeated motifs of the living room interior. With warm and tender mood interior designers filled every corner of the cozy apartment. This tender reflects light and elegant image of the hostess. Apartment design underscores their elite status through the use of luxury materials. Bedroom design is full of charming details of the decor. The curtains in the bedroom are made of silk of milk chocolate shade, which is wonderfully framed with translucent milky tulle. The ceiling design in the bedroom combines modern style and high-tech. The smooth surface of the ceiling of cream shades is decorated in the center with a charming chandelier of chocolate hue and crystal pendants. To enhance the festive mood of the interior, the designers have added lighting of modern ceiling lights. Interior Design Dubai in any style from design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is complemented by accents of modern innovation. Lighting in the interiors has a special role to accent and make the apartment more expressive. So, behind the headboard of the bed, volumetric 3D panel is decorated with a line of LED backlight. Thanks to this delightful play of light and shadow is formed on the panel. This volume panel with velvet creamy texture delicately performs the role of the headboard of a large comfortable bed. Exquisite lamps on each side of the bed look stylish and luxurious. Bedroom interior design is very gentle, comfortable and charming.


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