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Sometimes only a geometric pattern can play a decisive role in the formation of an artistically expressive image of the interior. And in this bedroom, the beautiful motifs of the mesh rhomboid ornament exquisitely decorate the interior. The interior design of the bedroom combines classic style and art deco motifs. In the best traditions of the mentioned above art deco, the wall behind the headboard was decorated with large faceted mirrored panels. It not only visually expands the interior but also makes it very catchy and bright. Inside this radiance, a decorative panel of many stylized suns is very expressive and bright. To highlight these bright and elegant accents, the interior designers use more restrained motifs in the decor of the ceiling and furniture. Almost invisible closet perfectly fit into the bedroom interior, without loading it. A pearly white smooth surface of the ceiling was decorated with a neat chandelier with small lamps and a soft backlight along the perimeter. The authors of the project continue geometric improvisation in the design of the floor. On the parquet of light wood interestingly looks a large natural carpet with a large pattern. The bed and soft furniture of ash-blue color become the color accent. The high headboard and its footplate are decorated with a soft panel of silk with small rhombs. For window design, curtains of two types of silk were perfect. One of ash-blue color, which repeats the shade of upholstery furniture, and another of warm bronze shade. Elegant boudoir table by the window is complementing an exquisite image of the interior.

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