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    Business bay, Dubai
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Exclusive bedroom interior design

Antonovich Design Studio designers created an incredibly warm, friendly and "delicious" interior. This is a fresh breath of classic style impresses with its flawless and aesthetically perfect image.There is a desire to enjoy endlessly of every square meter of the interior.Window curtains decorated with classic noble silk of shade coffee with milk. Curtains complemented by soft lambrequins and soft holders with beautiful tassels.The highlight of the design of the window became graceful pilasters with gilded capitals and mirror panels with gilt openwork ornaments.Boiserie filled with luxury silk wallpaper with delicate damask patterns. Luxury ceiling delineated by beautiful molding with gold and lace patterns.To highlight the main points in the interior of a bedroom, project authors proposed a luxurious decor panels of milk chocolate color on the wall behind the headboard and on the opposite wall.The outlines of the window niches and frame of panels and the bed headboard are repeated motifs reminiscent of the beautiful oriental style. Interior designers have created a very comfortable and luxurious space with a festive mood.Brown marble on the floor perfectly fit into the interior of this beautiful bedroom. The white walls and furniture of ivory white visually expanding the space. In order to further expand the space, the project authors use the insertion of the mirrors. To give the room a feeling of warmth and home comfort in the zone of the bed there is a luxury carpet in the natural light brown palette of shades. The ceiling is adorned with a deep round niche, with waterfalls of a beautiful crystal chandelier.


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