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    Business bay, Dubai
От дизайн-проекта до реализации | производство и комплексная поставка мебели, подбор аксессуаров | EMAAR консалтинг, сопровождение проектов

Elegant Bedroom Design

Master bedroom designs in the style of modern classics continued that beautiful and cozy mood that was created in the author's project of the villa by Dubai interior designers. In the villa design project in the several bedrooms were provided. And each of them in compliance with the bedroom design ideas has its unique character and charm. This cozy and luxurious bedroom with elegant decor motifs is a sample of integrity and harmony. Overall, an excellent range of pastel shades prevails in the interior. In the walls decor, there are such traditional elements as silk wallpaper of delicate lace with damask ornaments. Exquisite stucco pilasters complement them with capitals. The interior designers Dubai duplicate charming curls of stucco decoration on the medallion on the ceiling, in the center of which there is a chandelier. The exquisite chandelier with forged elements and classic chocolate shades perfectly blended in the cozy interior. The highlight of the master bedroom interior is the arched window with silk curtains that are gracefully grabbed. The high soft headboard is upholstered in velvet cream color that visually outlined by a thin line of a dark-brown wood. Master bedroom ideas set to a pleasant mood of relaxing. The interior designers emphasize the warmth of home comfort with the floor of natural wood and a soft carpet. Colors and patterns in the floor decoration duplicate elegant decor motifs of the walls and ceiling.

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