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Design for a bedroom

Design for the bedroom is the embodiment of the most secret desires of their owners. It is in this room, character, habits, and tastes are maximally reflected. And, looking at this bedroom of magical beauty, you immediately imagine her mistress, gentle and beautiful. It was the character traits and the beautiful image of the owner of the apartments that were skillfully reflected by the interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Let's take a closer look at the luxurious fragments of the interior decor. The design for the bedroom in the style of art deco echoes the notes of modern classics.The basis of the mood of the interior, of course, sets a pleasing range of creamy-pink shades. The basis of the mood of the interior, of course, sets a pleasing range of creamy-pink shades. The windows are decorated with cute curtains of monophonic silk, which are almost half decorated with bowed folds.Design and interior of the bedroom have a very bright and artistically expressive image. The main decorations of the room become a large bed and the decor of the wall behind it headboard. Decor panel of milk-white color with large voluminous flowers framed by a line of mirror panels.Another material that designers of interior design studio Antonovich Design used, was decorative plaster with the texture of marble in pink tones. The design of the bedroom in the house can be both a continuation of the overall design concept and a separate interior story. This is due to the fact that the bedroom is a detached room. And here you can sometimes get away from the general mood of the house and create a unique place to relax. The design in the bedroom takes into account the design features of this room. Here, special attention is paid to psychological overtones.The design of an adult bedroom can include additional zones such as a workspace.The bedroom interior design, which is presented in this project, has the advantage of a large area. This allowed near the window to place a luxurious semi-circular sofa for rest.

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