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Bedroom Interior Design Abu Dhabi

Apartments design in the UAE from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio becomes refined by repeating the characters of houses and apartments owners. This luxurious master bedroom, which perfectly combines modern style and Art Deco, was designed for a young and successful owner of a luxury apartment in Dubai. Spectacular designs give the bedroom interior a bright and stylish character. The high ceiling above the bed is decorated with two chandeliers. On request of the apartment owner, who is passionate about his business, in interior design for bedroom we organized a working area. To zone the space, interior designers used the ceiling decor  and the chandelier above the working area. The bedroom interior design has an artistic expression. In the floor decor, parquet of several wood species and a carpet with bright abstract ornament look cozy. Multifaceted and  profound design solutions are inherent in the walls decor. It elegantly combines textile panels, silk wallpaper, solid wood and semi-columns. All these make a single image of the luxurious bedroom interior design. In the overall scheme of beige and brown colours the silk curtains of ash-blue tint, which blend perfectly with the decoration of the large comfortable bed. Interior design bedroom corresponds to modern classic style. And every time the bedroom interior design perfectly underlines the impeccable taste of the house owners and their respectability. Interior design bedroom reflects the main purpose, i.e., to give a feeling of absolute comfort.

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