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Beautiful bedrooms design ideas

The purity and perfection of the interiors in the classical style from studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always pleasing to the eye with its beauty and unique charm and elegance. Master bedroom in luxury mansion became a harmonious continuation of the overall design concept of the project.Interior designers emphasize the beneficial features of the architectural plan. The bedroom has a large panoramic window which faces to a large terrace with furniture. To merge visually these two zone and at the same time to give each of them their individuality. A large window is curtained of translucent curtains of white silk.Beautiful curtains of plain silk light shades, drapes are framed. The bed is decorated with a soft headboard and footboard in the form of a beautiful ottoman. Mirrored panel behind headboard visually expands the space of the room. For floors decoration, interior designers offered light-colored Italian marble. And because the texture of marble gives a kind of cool feeling, the soft natural carpet has become an excellent way to complement the interior of a bedroom with a feeling of home comfort warmth.The design of the walls in the bedroom interior meets the best traditions of the classical style.Boiserie filled with decorative plaster of creamy hue. They're framed by discreet stucco decoration of white.The lighting in the interior of the bedroom provided by a magnificent crystal chandelier with gilded forged elements, exquisite lamps and additional lines of hidden backlighting that delineate the ceiling around the perimeter.Bedroom interior design fully reflects the softness and warmth character of its owners, thus becoming part of their ideal habitat.

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