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Luxury Italian furniture

If you are interested in genuine Italian furniture, then you have reached a certain status in society, and you like to emphasize this. It is also tells about what you have a taste, and you know how to appreciate true quality and beauty without compromise, and get truly the best! Luxury furniture Italy, without a doubt, will be a real gem of your interior, and over the years will cause the admiration and awe people around, and delight you with its beauty, convenience, and perfect quality!

Buy Italian furniture without intermediaries

Luxury Antonovich Design - is a professional interior design bureau, which has privileged cooperation agreements with the majority of furniture factories in Italy, including factories with the most famous brands. Our company is registered and located in the territory of Italy in the city-state of San Marino, and for the convenience of our customers, we have one additional office in Italy and own factories.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers services of the highest level. Now you have a unique opportunity to buy Italian furniture directly, without intermediaries! We work with architects, designers, construction companies, as well as with individuals. With the support of our partners the most competent experts in the furniture sector, Luxury Antonovich Design provides the best results and maximum comfort when creating for you an exclusive interior.
Luxurious Furniture from Italy

We work with Italian factories of Elite and Luxury segment (premium) and are ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer. In order to your interior was truly luxurious and unique, designed in the same style and impresses by its beauty and grace - we offer you not just buy furniture from Italy, but get a whole range of essential goods and services. In our office in Italy, we can arrange for you (or your client's) meeting with the leading Italian designers, to help you decide on the interior style and choose suitable for your furniture, wallpaper, doors, chandeliers, carpets, ceramic tiles, bathroom equipment, etc.

Our company offers you to buy Italian furniture directly from the manufacturer, that is directly without intermediaries. Each product is a work of art. Only high-quality fabrication of such furniture allows it "to live a long life" with its owner, reliably and flawlessly performing their daily functions and decorate the interior of its owner. In the future - the true beauty and of Italian quality, you can give it to your heirs as an exclusive and expensive gift.

Here you can purchase the products of more than 1500 Italian factories at a price significantly below any offers on the market, as well as absolutely exclusive furniture that you never find in stores. In order not to get lost in this diversity, on our website we have selected only the best Italian factories. Simply click on the links at the factory website, choose something that you enjoy and please let us know by sending a photo /name /vendor code or a link. We will contact the factory and will achieve for you the most favorable conditions to purchase. If you wish - we can arrange for you a tour of the factory that interests you, and you can personally make adjustments to the project of the future furniture, making it an absolutely exclusive and unique.

In choosing furniture you are not restricted to work only with partners listed on the website - just choose any furniture Italian manufacturer to your taste, and it will be manufactured and delivered from Italy by the due date and to the specified address.

Luxury furniture from Italy is the standard of quality and an indicator of good taste of its owner. However, purchasing such furniture in a furniture showroom, you'll overpay at least twice. These costs are for the maintenance of the salon, rent space, and payment vendors, transportation and customs clearance of the goods, plus - an inevitable store markup. In addition, any salon can not guarantee you that you will find what you need. Unfortunately, its range is limited to only those models that were imported for sale and are not chosen by you.
Our company Luxury Antonovich Design has more than twenty years of experience in the market of elite Italian furniture, which allows us to use the special conditions of factories - manufacturers, who know us, as a partner with an impeccable reputation, that makes a large number of orders.

Do not waste your time and energy on shopping trips, choosing the furniture comfortably from the home according to catalogs on the websites of factories-manufacturers. Then tell us about your choice and we will make the best offer for you!

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