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Italy crystal tableware


Premium crystal accompanies all the most solemn, sophisticated events, arising before the guests in the form of glasses, salad bowls, vases, decanters, dishes ... If it is necessary to emphasize the elitism and luxury of the celebration, it is unlikely to find anything more suitable than good, expensive Italian crystal products from Luxury Antonovich Design.

In accordance with fashion trends, crystal products are constantly changing their appearance. Our designer brand is constantly experimenting with crystal, creating exclusive interior items and utensils. In addition to design, the methods of processing the material are changing, and the products themselves are acquiring more and more relevant forms.

Crystal accessories from Luxury Antonovich Design are in demand all over the world. Graceful and concise, they are an indicator of the refined taste of their owners. In addition, time does not affect plates, vases, candle holders and other crystal objects. A crystal gift is always a spectacular and original thing, from which the recipient will surely be delighted. Shining and noble crystal is able to take its rightful place in the interior of any home and delight with its perfect appearance for many years.


Real designer and Italian crystal was born to inspire. Smooth lines, elegant proportions, originality in appearance — all this makes glasses and vases made of crystal a wonderful embodiment of style. Such dishes are a symbol of prosperity and respectability. The crystal collections presented on this page will appeal to those who highly value everything that surrounds them. Products are self-sufficient decoration of the table and are an indicator of the good taste of the house owners.

Functionality and ergonomics are the two queens of the modern day, and Italian crystal is their assistant. In our store there are crystal products that are difficult to do without: vases for fruits, candy boxes, caviar bowls, decanters, cake sets, ashtrays, candelabra. All those little things that make up an individuality, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

In the assortment of our online store: crystal glassware — the famous Italian quality in symbiosis with fashion trends. Crystal decorated with silver, gold, platinum — luxury as it is, aesthetics of our time, brink of crystal glass of the highest quality.

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Best Italy crystal tableware

Best Italy crystal tableware



Elite crystal tableware

Elite crystal tableware

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