Natural stones in the interior design of houses, apartments, public buildings were always in big demand, especially marble. Marble in the interior will perfectly fit into the style of almost any premise, because of the inimitability of the pattern, the huge variety of colors and tints The strength and reliability of the material make it possible to implement everything, even the wildest design solutions. And the natural origin of the stones is an additional plus, as they are safe for health, moreover, fairly resistant to moisture and high and low temperatures.

Advantages of using natural stones in the interior

Nature has created a huge variety of species of marble, its beauty and luxury attracted people since the most ancient times. Sculptures, columns had been made from it and the royal palaces were had been decorated with them. Until recently, it was somewhat forgotten, since began to use a lot of decorative elements from artificial materials and was used, mainly, in the design of metro stations, since the floor made of marble is durable and practically does not lose its appearance. But now natural stones are rapidly gaining popularity in the decoration of houses both interior and exterior.

Marble in the interior

The main advantages of this material include:

  •     A huge advantage is natural origin and environmental friendliness. This porous material, it effectively passes air, which creates a favorable microclimate in the premise.
  •     High decorative qualities. ts natural beauty is characterized by special charm and luxury, and nature generously graced the marble with a richness of colors and impressive patterns.
  •     Convenient processing. This material is easy to polish and grinding, and the high density of the stone allows you to give it a wide variety of forms and shapes.
  •     Excellent water resistance. Thanks to this property, using the marble, it is possible to decorate bathrooms, fountains or pools.
  •     Good resistance to different temperatures allows it to be used in the facade cladding of buildings and even for laying pavement.
  •     High durability. On average, the first signs of changing the appearance of the stone could appear after 100 years, and with proper care, it can serve for centuries.
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