The successful implementation of the construction project in the current market conditions requires the search for new approaches, solutions and tools for the organization of construction processes.

Increasingly, the customer comes to the decision to transfer the organization of the design and construction process into one hand.

It is connected with the need for constant coordination and coordination of actions of all participants in the construction process. Namely:

  • General contractor;
  • Contractors and Subcontractors;
  • Suppliers of materials;
  • General designer, project teams of contractors and designers.

This issue is extremely time-consuming, requires a lot of experience in the field of construction, knowledge of the sequence of each technological process, accounting of production terms, supply of materials and components.

It is professional project management that will allow to organize the entire construction process competently, optimize the constructive solutions.

Our author's supervision in the design, construction business is an integrated control measure designed to bring stylistic, technical, architectural and other parties into absolute conformity with the design documentation, which is approved by the customer. The author's supervision of the design of the project and other stages are implemented directly by the developer, who is well aware of all the features of his calculations. In other words, the author will be able to fully monitor the compliance of the developed scheme directly on the construction site.

What constitutes the supervision that our author design company proposes to create and agree on a list of materials; signing an agreement for the supply of goods; selection of materials, compilation of the accompanying specification; visiting the client of construction centers, accompanied by our specialist; confirmation and payment for purchases required by author's design; delivery of purchased materials within the specified deadlines; full quality assurance.

Project works, coordination, adaptation of projects, consultation and pre-project proposals

Project works - development of working design documentation, drawings, explanatory notes, specifications of materials and equipment, documentation on the basis of which the volumes of forthcoming construction and installation works, their cost and labor intensity which are determined.

Designing of construction objects:

Design on turnkey basis. A cohesive project team (high qualification and many years of experience) from engineers and designers who are ready in a short time to develop the stages of the project in the following areas:

  • Design of villas, cottages;
  • Design of restaurants, cafes, shops;
  • Development and approval of a complete set of working design documentation for highly specialized areas;
  • Interior design of hotels and offices;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Environmental management;
  • Safety supervision;
  • Design modification;
  • As-Built documentation;
  • Inspection, commissioning and site testing.


As a part of the effort of Planning Department / Dubai Municipality to corroborate the process of approving master plan, a list of requirements to be submitted in order to gain approval that master plans and the way of submittal has been established.

Luxury Antonovich Design is the Company licensed to use consulting and engineering businesses in Dubai, according to the engineering consultancy activities accredited by the Registration and Licensing Committee to practice Consulting Engineering & Contracting professions In Dubai.

Permits for these occupations are issued through the Economic Development Department.

Luxury Antonovich Design offers a comprehensive package of services to customers in UAE:

  • A permit for civil works, which includes works prior to any foundations;
  • A 'building permit' which requires contractors to submit design drawings of the proposed building;
  • An Environmental permit;
  • A permit relating to the access road and internal road network from the Roads and Transport Authority;
  • Permits from Dubai government entities regarding utilities, such as a permit from DEWA for water and electricity and sewage and, a permit for telecommunications;
  • Building Completion Certificate, which allows the building to be occupied.