Construction & Consulting

As our world becomes broadly open with the different Architectural and construction practices it results to a fast becoming of the standard for closely all sectors of the construction industry.  The Luxury Antonovich Design has been involved in globally and preservation delicate responsible design, policies, materials and measures for the past years of experience.  We effectually provide management in this area among our generations through our constant pursuit of building projects containing smart design and guarantees as well as our sustained effort to recognize for the entire Team international.

Objective Work towards every Project

The Luxury Antonovich Design has extensive experience in all parts of ecological design, pre-planning, organization, and structure.  We work meticulously to combine budget, scheduling, site evaluation, constructability and material/equipment exploration into finished projects that determines respect for the location at all levels.  From designs that maximize natural light and growth the effectiveness of automated systems, we build not just for the benefit of here and now, but for tomorrow’s generation.
The Luxury Antonovich Design has transformed visions and ideas into tangible realities.  Our clients represent a broad range of architectural structures and business sectors, allowing us the prospect to apply our wide variety, know-how, and passion for excellence to each specific project in order to successfully handle every challenge and special circumstance.
With a top ranking track record behind us and a solid viewpoint ahead, we’ve learned that our combined knowledge with a diversity of projects creates excellent solutions and results for our clients, no matter what they are building.  From residential spaces to industrial facilities to multi-level commercial building and Government agencies buildings, the heart and soul of our business are building yours.
“Early in our World class Team Work growth, we took time to develop guiding principles to ensure we would fulfill our vision and mission every single day.”


  •     Preliminary site assessments
  •     Determination of the best-suited delivery method
  •     Conceptual cost estimating
  •     Preliminary schedule development & milestone establishment
  •     Supervision over the selection of materials

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