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Exterior design in Riyadh from Luxury Antonovich design is the best solution, taking into account new technologies and trends. This luxury home designs with a complex configuration. Today, in the design more and more popularized modernist direction, characterized by smooth lines, natural materials, forging ornaments with a plant theme. Fans of the modernism prefer high-tech direction - is the use of glass, metal, and plastic.
Classic in design houses still enjoys the greatest popularity.

Exterior design in Riyadh classic style are proportional shape, have a symmetrical geometry of all the elements of the facade. In this work, we use only the best materials and offer to our customers in Riyadh the supply of materials to the site. After all, the facade - the face of home, and the proper design are of great importance. Decorate the facade of the building - the most important part of safety and beauty. Exterior of the house should not only be attractive but also to have a purely practical value - to prevent the effects of atmospheric phenomena on the constructions of the building.


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