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One of the most popular and demanded today interior design styles, which prefer to choose homeowners for decor, is the Majlis design, which remains solemn, full of nobility and grace, unmatched classical style with oriental touches. Luxury, unprecedented scale, grandeur, dignity, splendor and pomp of the royal palaces, and at the same time elegance and grace - all this provides Majlis design in Kurdistan from Luxury Antonovich Design

Majlis design in Kurdistan from Luxury Antonovich Design, made in classic style, as well as possible, emphasizes the great aesthetic taste of the owners, says about their respectability, prestige, high social status and position in society. Choosing Majlis design in Kurdistan, you choose an eternity! Incorruptibility! We create beauty, which passed through the era and centuries, and remain fashionable, relevant and trendy. Classic - was, is and will be the best and the most popular of styles, combining all the most beautiful - crazy elegance, grace, palatial glamor and royal scale, luxury, untold wealth, warmth, coziness and incredible comfort, fine aesthetic sense and confidence.

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