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Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design - is a professional look at the interior, multiplied by the experience and the ability to listen to the client. The interiors are created in our studio - it's always high-quality design and a unique design. We know how to work with objects of any complexity and in almost any style. In each case, you will receive a customized solution based on your wishes. This could be a traditional classical interior, luxurious Art Deco, functional, modern style and discreet hi-tech - the result will please you and amaze your guests by its high-quality execution.

Also in our design studio decided to bring started to its logical conclusion - we do not restrict ourselves to the development of a design project,the competent supervision allows to make all the design decisions in strict accordance with the project. Integrated approach - project design, supervision, equipment, decoration - a guarantee that any task will be performed at the proper level.Мы скрупулезно следуем девизу студии - интерьеры высокого класса. We offer House design in Kurdistan at the highest world level.


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