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We will create for you a true architectural masterpiece. Architect in Kurdistan from Luxury Antonovich Design includes the development of a preliminary and detailed design for construction, reconstruction, engineering services, and services in coordination of the project documentation.
Draft project (pre-proposal)
The draft project is a preliminary design stage, conceptually defines a set of requirements for urban planning, architecture, art, design, environmental, and functional solution of the object.

Consist of:

  • general layout
  • floorplans
  • perspective images
  • facades
  • sections
  • Working draft

The work project is a set of documents required for the coordination and approval of the relevant authorities and services, and further construction to the extent necessary for the successful completion of work on the project.

Consist of:

  • general layout
  • construction project
  • architectural part
  • Constructive decisions
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • conditioning
  • sanitation
  • electrotechnical part, electrical equipment
  • onsite engineering networks
  • onsite illumination


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