Our services in Kurdistan

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio offers the following services in Kurdistan:

Designing of interiors and exteriors.

  • design projects of all kinds of real estate
  • Design solutions
  • 3D modeling, 3D visualization of objects of any complexity.
  • animation, interactive animation
  • working drawings
  • selection of materials, furniture, fixtures
  • supervision (author's support )
  • materials, equipment

Types of works, cost, and structure of the design project:

The cost is determined for each project individually and depends on the object complexity, its area and the composition of the project. Design project developing on the basis of the wishes and preferences of the customer, considering his financial possibilities. The project includes all the necessary pictures and drawings for its implementation. All payments for the design project is carried out mainly in two stages:
Photographing of the current state of the design object
Measuring work
Performing supporting drawings (plan of measurements) Collection of information, pre-project analysis
Options for planning decisions (redevelopment)

3D - visualization of all the rooms

  1. The plan for dismantling of barriers with the measurements
  2. The installation plan of newly constructed walls with dimensions (taking into account all drywall constructions (niches, ledges, etc.)
  3. The layout of furniture and equipment.
  4. The electric scheme , including all equipment (sockets, switches, heated floors, PCs, air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, kitchen equipment, cooker hood, TV, Acoustic systems, etc.) in accordance with the plan of in height with the explication of sockets types.
  5. The scheme of switches ( that what switched by) with explication switches (how many types of switches)
  6. The scheme of lighting with bindings of chandeliers, spotlights, backlights and lamps explication types.
  7. The scheme of plumbing equipment (toilets, sinks, washing machines, heated towel rails, shower, Jacuzzi, bathrooms, leaking systems, etc.) with the bindings according to plan in height, indicating capacity.
  8. Floor plan with finish coatings.
  9. Ceiling Plan - the finishing, with kinds of coatings, and the work plan with measurements and sections of the ceiling level of the structure.
  10. Plans of walls with structural elements indicating the location of lamps and backlights and various finishes with all the required measurements.
  11. Necessary design drawings of decorative elements used in the project (bar counter, shelves, mirrors, niches, etc.)
  12. The total list for all finishing materials used in the project. (Calculation of finishing materials: tile, wallpaper, fixtures, flooring, doors, etc. with indication of suppliers, producers)
  13. A brief clarification on stages and types of construction and installation work for the implementation of the developed design project.

P.S. The design project is developed on the basis of your requirements and each of our proposed solutions is discussed and corrected together with you in the process.