Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers a wide range of architectural and design services in Doha. Experts of the company perform the design and implementation of country houses and cottages, offices, shops, interior design and redevelopment projects. Also, we are proud of our large completed projects, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls in Doha. All our works are distinguished not only by the individuality and exclusivity but also special functionality, while fully reflecting the wishes of the client. Creating a unique environment with maximum comfort - our main goal. Architectural projects at the end of the works of the architectural design of buildings, architectural design of houses, the architectural design of cottages, as well as interior design project in the design of the interiors is provided to you in the form of drawings and natural materials in the smaller copy. Thus, you will be able to fully assess our architectural projects and interior design project and make your own adjustments, which will make our services the architectural design of buildings in Doha, architectural design, the architectural design of houses and cottages even more thorough and ensure the complete success of our work.

 Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers a wide range of architectural and design services in Doha:

  • Designing of country residential buildings;
  • An interior design of public and residential buildings;
  • Construction work, exterior and interior work;
  • Design of the trading equipment;
  • Direct delivery of furniture and decoration materials from Italian factories (a unique service from architectural construction bureau , price due to direct delivery is more favorable to the customer);
  • Development of design documentation for sports facilities;
  • Reconstruction work;
  • Equipment of construction projects, architectural supervision.

Design houses and designing hotels, as well as the design of business centers, it requires, first of all, not only a fulfillment of your wishes and basic knowledge of construction process but also a certain experience. Our architectural bureau is an architectural bureau of high level and has all the necessary features to adequately fulfill your order at the service architectural design of buildings, architectural design, the architectural design of houses and cottages.
Therefore, if you want to build your own house where you will feel good and you will be there yourself to feel confident, we offer a service designing houses and building design. Architectural design in the first place begins with your wishes. After all, the design of buildings - it's not only dry knowledge and technology, and this is our contribution to the implementation of your dreams.