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Majlis design in Abu Dhabi reflects beautiful cultural traditions of the East, which lie in the warm hospitality. This room becomes a required part of the high-end villas design. We think about Majlis design with special careful attention. It is very important to create a cozy and comfortable environment for every guest and every family member. Majlis design in Abu Dhabi can be made either in oriental style or in classic or modern.

Majlis design in Abu Dhabi embodies the best traditions and the uniqueness of each individual family. The rooms are divided into Majlis for women and Majlis for men. Every detail is important to create the right interior in accordance with the wishes of customers. Majlis interior decor is distinguished by the particular splendor and beauty. Home owners want to emphasize their status and understanding of beauty, namely in this room. Majlis design in Abu Dhabi from Luxury Antonovich Design is a creation of great options that are never the same.

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