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This villa project by Luxury Antonovich Design reflects the elegance of English classics. And all design ideas are for the creation of absolute comfort for home owners. Modern building designs today invariably combine time-tested traditions and new technologies. And behind this gentility, intelligence and respectability,  wonderful overtones of intellectual luxury are hidden. The hall interior meets with a restrained nobility. The walls and ceiling are covered with a decorative plaster of a creamy hue. They are exquisitely complemented with a classic chandelier and stylish lamps. The floor is decorated with a natural marble of two pastel shades. Modern house plans of the project include two luxurious living rooms. And each of the living rooms has its own vivid image. These different characters are based on textile design and furniture selection. In one of the rooms, a pale purple range of colors dominate. Noble silk of the same colour adorns windows and you can see the same fabric in the upholstery of the furniture. The living room interior is continued by a dining area that perfectly emphasizes the hospitality of the house owners. The furniture made of wood of valuable species became a fine accent on the respectability of he house. Wall decor aims to shade furniture and windows decoration. Boiserie is filled with silk wallpapers with delicate Damascus ornaments. Another element of the wall decor became exquisite pilasters. The second living room has got the same elegant motifs and differs only with the prevalence of a pleasant green shade.

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