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Contemporary villas designs from Luxury Antonovich Design reflects new trends in luxury and comfort, which are closely linked with the possibilities of new technologies. In this project, contemporary style is a fine line between minimalism and art deco. Creative design solutions reflect the notes of intellectual luxury and comfort. Architectural design in this project is closely linked with interior design ideas. The mood of lightness and laconism is created by a living room interior room, which occupies a large area, and where ceilings extend over the entire height of the building. High panoramic windows are separated on the second floor with spectacular décor of wood of valuable species. Part of the terrace on the second floor is enclosed by a balustrade made of transparent glass. In the living room, the basis of coziness and comfort is created by upholstered furniture of the beautiful textile in soft beige shades. In the design villa,  there is a perfect geometry. An original chandelier defines the center of the living room. The walls are painted in white gloss and complemented with beautiful lines of stainless steel. The warmth of home comfort is supplemented with a modern fireplace and a warm natural carpet with geometric patterns. High panoramic windows are decorated with modern silk curtains of two shades. Direct folds of the curtains frame the white tulle. On the second floor, there is laconic marble staircase with the railing made of transparent glass. A spacious dining room is neighboring with a modern kitchen in the style of minimalism. Every detail is thought out carefully and designed according to wishes of the homeowners.