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Modern villa design from Luxury Antonovich Design expresses the true passion and nobility of palace luxury. And every square centimeter of the project has got a profound meaning. Every touch is a part of a unified image of the interior. The artistic expression is based on a clever combination of colors, materials, and textures. A hall meets with a mood of life celebration. The marble expanse is decorated with exquisite carvings. The stair portal is decorated with a magnificent bas-relief with a romantic image of Venice. The ceilings are adorned with stucco with a texture of silk velvet and completed with exquisite stucco. As well as chandeliers and lighting lines. From the first moments of your stay in the house, you realize that the owners have great taste and appreciate art. A console table on gracefully curved legs complemented by a beautiful picture in a massive carved frame with gold. In the  living room interior, in creamy-gold colors, looks fantastic furniture upholstered in deep purple velvet and elegant classic curtains look fantastic. The doors of dark wood  of valuable species, which is inlaid with gold carved decor, look very beautiful. To visually enlarge the space and enhance the shine of luxury, the interior designers use such element as mirror panels with bevel. The festive atmosphere is present in all rooms. A cozy kitchen with luxury furniture looks very decent and respectable. Master Bedroom with a luxury bed looks especially majestic.

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