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Design оfthe house in Dubai, which has been developed by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design reflects the perfect combination of classical style and Art Deco. Classics perfectly reflects the respectability of the house, and Art Deco filled the house with the mood of the eternal celebration of life. Interior Design Dubai from our design studio represents the future of luxury and comfort. In the house, each room tells a wonderful story of the interior. And these stories are combined by luxury and splendor. Author's design оf the house in Dubai impresses with its beautiful and expressive image, starting from the interior of the hall. Fantastic staircase with graceful contours leads to the second floor of the house.

Central composition is formed by a charming fountain, a massive crystal chandelier and magnificent floor of natural marble with carved patterns. This luxurious and festive mood of the interior designers Dubai continue to the interior оf the living room. Design оf the living room underlines the hospitality of the big happy family. Here, everything is majestic and solemn. The high ceilings are decorated with original ornaments, ornate chandeliers, spotlights and lighting lines. Everything shines and fills the interior with the festive mood. Design of the house Dubai also reflects the delicate taste of its owners, and the ability to afford the best.

Luxury furniture, graceful columns, mirrored panels, white grand piano and a marble fireplace. All these factors are part of the expressive image of the luxury home interior. Particular attention was paid by interior designers Dubai to several bedrooms. Each bedroom is beautiful and unique. Luxury beds, spectacular design solutions in the decoration of the walls, velvet, silk, gold gilding the rooms with cozy and luxurious apartments mood. The interior design of the UAE combines the best traditions of Italian design, oriental flavor and unique design solutions. Luxury, which gives aesthetic pleasure and the comfort with warm and sensual notes, is reflected in the author's interior оf the luxury villa in Dubai.

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