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Very dynamic image, full of expression inherent in the luxurious villa interior in a contemporary style. The interior design, which perfectly underlines the extraordinary nature of the owners of the house and the love of daring experiments, is developed by a design studio Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design. House Design Abu Dhabi with a bright character and exclusive solutions fully reflects how luxury and unique interiors can be, in which the ideas of talented designers are closely intertwined with the possibilities of modern technology.

Interior Designers Dubai offered a nice range of cool colors, which gives a unique feeling of freshness and lightness of the interior. Elite status of the house is perfectly emphasized by noble marble and natural onyx in the decoration of walls, floors and furniture. Particularly onyx backlit elements in the overall cool range introduce an element of pleasant warmth. Spacious living room extends almost the entire area of ​​the first floor of the building.

Bright and eye-catching wall decor is complemented by extravagant decor items in the idea of ​​exquisite sculptures. And, as in every project studio Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the bright accents became a floor design. Visually, the space combines the living room and kitchen with a delightful pattern of dark marble in the form of a mythical dragon. Spacious villa in Abu Dhabi has opened space for the creative imagination of designers. The second floor focuses on the onwner's bedroom and bathroom. House Design Abu Dhabi is based on the dreams of its owners.