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Magnificent classic villa interior design from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN, the elite interiors studio, underlined an excellent taste of homeowners. Kurdistan Villas Design is a noble luxury with aristocratic features, which filled every square meter. The owners decided to order Kurdistan villa design on the advice of relatives, for whom the design studio created a villa in Kurdistan. The unique approach to the project and clear understanding of needs attract customers from different countries. All work was completed on time, and all the furniture was delivered to the site directly from Italian factories. Having such a high level of service, the homeowners advised our design studio in Dubai.

For Kurdistan Villas Design, the classic style was chosen, which can emphasize the status and dignity of homeowners in the best way. The main accent in a sitting room interior is set by noble burgundy velvet upholstery and windows decoration. Soft plush sofas, which are designed on the author's sketches of the interior designers, additionally inlaid with handmade carved decor and gilding. The marble floor is the top of the design art. Fine patterns of carved stone very harmoniously fit into the interior. The windows decoration is exquisite. Folds of velvet curtains are gracefully picked up with golden tassels. A transparent white tulle lets into the room a sufficient amount of sunlight. A mirrored panel in the sitting room became a festive touch, which not only expands the space but also fills it with beautiful highlights. The luxury ceiling is decorated with niches, decorative plaster; smooth curves which are presented inside and additionally decorated with crystal chandeliers dot. The luxurious, elegant chandelier completes the picture.

Kurdistan villas design has become a reflection of fashion trends, high status, and professionalism of the design studio.