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The beginning of this interior design story is impressive and remains in memory for a long time. Our customers wanted to get an extraordinary project in a modern style, which would correspond to the newest fashion trends.And their house became a matter of pride and admiration. Particular attention the interior designers paid to the hall.By combining certain decor materials, shades and lighting elements, they managed to create a very multifaceted space with the effect of infinity and novelty. Modern interior design of elite real estate from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always an exclusive solution in a certain style.  In this project, the decor of the walls, the design of the floors and the decoration of the ceiling are many-sided and have certain philosophical overtones. Here the authors of the project skillfully combined the warmth of nature and the accents in high-tech style.Modern design opens up new opportunities for creativity and the birth of brilliant ideas. The epicenter of the beauty of the hall become the original composition of glass with the imitation of flowing water. Additions in the form of polished stainless steel and lighting with the help of modern spotlights gave to this sculptural composition an unusually beautiful and stylish look. Modern architecture and design are concepts that are closely interrelated.Interior designers favorably emphasize the architectural features of the house. Interior design in a modern style is a clear geometry of shapes and lines, as well as absolute harmony. In the decor of the walls and floors, was marvelously combined gray and white marble with beautiful patterns of natural veins.Stainless steel lines and accents of lighting make the interior more expressive.

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