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Office interior design in this project included the organization of the space of a few meeting rooms. In one of the rooms the basis of the interior composition is a small round table made of wood of valuable species. The table is surrounded by ergonomic chairs with high backs. The atmosphere in the office interior sets up trust and business mood. Light colors in the decoration of the walls and the ceiling began to focus on a perfect positive feelings during the negotiations. The highlight of the interior was the volume 3D panel on one wall with a wavy interior motion ornament. The second negotiation zone harmoniously follows the overall design concept of the office interior in a modern style. Here, the interior is decorated with a large rectangular table, which is surrounded with chairs with noble backs. Respectability of the interior is reflected in the use of noble materials. The walls are decorated with wood of valuable species, and windows are decorated with curtains of precious silk. Office interior design takes into account all the wishes of customers and the specifics of their work.

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