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  • 2301 office, 23 fl, Tower 1
    Boulevard Plaza, Dubai 2301
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Office interior in a house was allocated in an attic room. Interior Designers Dubai perfectly organized the space, paying attention to characteristics of the architectural layout of the room. By itself, the attic adjusts to privacy and full concentration. The stylish interiors in a contemporary style has become a wonderful reflection of the wishes of the owner of the house. Interior Designers Dubai organized a multi-functional space in which to work nice and comfortable rest are possible. For a comfortable rest in the office interior a modern fireplace is provided. The white slope of the roof is decorated with a neat ceiling lights. In the windows decoration curtains in a modern style of noble silk of dark chocolate shade look luxurious. Concise outlines of the furniture perfectly reflect business spirit of the interior. Office interior design emphasizes the fact that its owner is a person, very successful and passionate about his business. Particularly in this unique office all perfectly corresponds to an effective job.