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Very bright design of house with hints of passion suggested interior designers of studio Luxury Antonovich Design for the office building design. This concept of the interior design nigeria perfectly reflects the passion for the work of the owner. Luxury office located in the attic of the luxury villa.Interior designers advantageously emphasized the architectural features of the room layout.Classic style in this project has gained quite a bright character. The most striking accents become furniture, which is covered with velvet of red wine hue. This velvet contrasting looks on a background of white walls. To the working environment to add a touch of home comfort warmth, interior designers use for flooring decor luxury parquet and natural carpet. Curtains design in the design a houseof the working cabinet has some variety.  Some windows decorated with Roman curtains. And main window by beautiful curtains in a classic style cherry silk hue. The White color of the walls and ceiling is supplemented by thin lines of gilding. This makes the space more elegant and expressive.For moments of relaxation, in the interior is provided a comfortable modern furniture design with a high upholstered headboard, which is built into a niche.A large library is available in classic room interior design with glass doors.



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