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Again and again new bedroom design in a classic style from the home plan designer Luxury Antonovich Design Studio impresses by its beautiful features of.This luxurious bedroom interior is worthy of a royal palace.The design of a bedroom embodies the best traditions of the classical style in the interior. A Rich and lush decor give the room an unrivaled artistic expression. Just take a look at the magnificent ceiling.The center of it is decorated with a magnificent crystal chandelier. Round niche, in the center of which is a chandelier, adorned with stucco decoration with colored elements. Niche as well as molding around the perimeter of the ceiling, are complemented by soft backlighting line. And in order to owners of the house were able to adjust the lighting of a bedroom depending on mood, from bright to dim and romantic shadows, the interior project authors have provided additional ceiling lights in a bedroom. Incredibly elegant, refined and romantic look have walls. Openwork curls of stucco decoration have a gentle appearance against a background of matte cream-colored plaster. Against this background, looks impeccably high headboard of the big bed, which is decorated with carved decoration of handwork. In the same style decorated boudoir table and mirror.The highlight of the interior design of a bedroom home floor plans in a classic style is a beautiful old artistic parquet with classical carved patterns of different kinds of precious wood. Beautiful home plan design has become a real paradise for relaxation and comfort for the elite house owners. For extra comfort and warmth, room decorated with a luxurious Persian rug.

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