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Majlis Interior in Saudi Arabia

Interior design in Ajman which offers studio Luxury Antonovich Design design reflects both the tradition of eastern culture and family tradition of owners. Majlis becomes a mandatory part of the projects in the UAE. And for the villa in Ajman owners, we proposed interior Majlis version in a classic style with light accents of oriental flavor. The interior turned out very beautiful, expressive and festive. Especially picturesque look have the natural marble floors with carved ornaments.  Curls patterns of marble several kinds repeated in the exquisitely forged patterns of coffee tables basis and ornate motifs in the walls decoration. In Majlis interior design for the windows perfectly suits the curtains in a classic style with luxurious textiles with printed patterns. This version of the interior and elegantly emphasizes that this Majlis made for women. So modern plasma has charming look in tracery carved frame made of wood.  Soft sofas are upholstered in luxurious fabric that harmonizes with the decoration of the windows. Also, upholstered furniture inlaid with beautiful carved handmade decor.. The decoration of the walls perfectly combines mirrored panels and paintings. With the help of mirrors, Ajman Interior designers are making a nice effect of luxury infinity of space. majlis Interior design in Ajman fully expresses the warmth and hospitality of the owners , their excellent taste, and understanding of beauty. Elegance and beauty of the interior attract the eye and give a sense of aesthetic pleasure. 

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