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The design of the large hall represents the boundless hospitality and cordiality of the owners of the elite house.With this luxurious decoration, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design strived to express the fact that in this house is always welcome guests and want to offer them only the very best. All hall design ideas are based on the use of the best traditions of the classical style and new possibilities of technologies in terms of materials processing. The interior is very picturesque and full of delicate and beautiful decor elements. A very picturesque picture is the ceiling. It is filled with magnificent curls of stucco decor, which filled a multifaceted construction of niches of different shapes.All niches are delineated by a thin gilding line. The ceiling was decorated with a magnificent crystal chandelier.To further enhance the holiday in the interior and give the additional play of chiaroscuro, interior designers use modern LED lighting.The beautiful design of the hall simply radiates elegance and nobility. The interior is dominated by pastel shades from light beige to warm lilac. Fashionable design of the hall is at all times an impeccable and harmonious design, in whatever style it was created. In this project for floors design, the designers of the studio offered noble marble with complex carved ornaments in the classical style. In general, the classical design of the hall always envisages the arrangement of luxurious furniture in this stylistic direction. Luxurious upholstery and natural rare wood are supplemented with incrustations and gilding. The stylish design of the hall is complemented by luxurious curtains made of natural silk with soft waves of lambrequins.