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Luxury picture is opened to your eyes when you get on the first floor of a villa in Dubai. Living room interior design is the beginning of a beautiful interior stories, which the authors of the project told. High ceilings and large area that has been allocated to an interior room, determine the light and airy mood of the interior. The living room design has a very bright and expressive character. The center of this magnificent and cozy space is marked by lush and elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco. Large crystal pendants and neat ceiling of coffee color look particularly bright, surrounded by additional illumination. The snow-white surface of the ceiling is covered with a web of delicate patterns that shimmer pearly luster. Charming comfortable sofas are upholstered in most delicate creamy silk velvet. Shallow rhomb-shaped marks on backs and handrails makes them particularly luxurious. Living room design radiates a pleasant coolness, thanks accents of soft lilac hues in the decoration of windows, wall decor and furniture upholstery. The mood of warmth of home is provided with a fireplace, near which there are two soft comfortable chairs upholstered in purple velvet. These motifs are repeated in the wall decor. Boiserie is filled with lilac decorative plaster of velvet texture. Many high windows in the living room are decorated with curtains from the noble silk in shades of lilac. Living room interior design perfectly underlines the elite status of the interior, taste of home owners and their welcoming character. House Design Abu Dhabi has a bright character and personality.