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The living room interior is a main part of a house or an apartment. The living room interior design tells about tastes and preferences of the owners of the house, how respectable the house is, the hospitality of its owners, their understanding of beauty. Living room design in this house expresses its great tradition of classics with hints of modern trends. A pleasant feeling of warmth of home comfort literally fills every corner of the living room. Interior Designers in Dubai, as always, skillfully placed emphasis, that make the interior luxurious, expressive and beautiful. The curtains in the living room is always complemented with cozy moments. To do this, the interior designers have offered the classical noble silk curtains of purple hue. The decor of the walls is filled with boiserie of laconic monochromatic ornamental plastering compensated by such a lush and ornate decorations as marble columns that are topped with stucco capitals with gilding. Furniture plays a special role in the living room interior. Fine, soft sofas and chairs with stylish décor is in harmony with the rest interior details. Modern interior is an open space in which harmoniously the living room, dining room and kitchen are connected. The living room design has excellent functionality. For example, luxury apartment kitchen if necessary can be separated from the living room with a beautiful sliding system made of transparent glass with a delicate web of exquisite patterns. As a highlight of the interior design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, designers make noble carved marble floors, which give the interior a shade of solemnity.

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