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This design of the living room is the perfect example of a combination of oriental style in the interior and the Baroque. Interior designers have embodied the dream of owners the house get their own palace with some pompous emphasis on luxury and charming hints of oriental tales. Magnificent and majestic, in the Baroque style, looks wall decor. Boiserie filled with luxury wallpaper of golden silk with damask ornaments.It's framed by sophisticated stucco with gilding. The elegant pilasters with stucco capitals and gilt complemented the luxury wall decor in the living room interior.A large mirror in the form of a square arch is visually expanded almost twice this luxurious space. The lush decor exquisitely and tastefully distributed evenly throughout the space of a comfortable and elegant room.A special role in the interior of the living room plays elite furniture.Coffee tables and chests encrusted by several kinds of wood carved decor and complemented with gilding. Sofas and tables are placed in the tradition of the Eastern living room. Everything here speaks of the Eastern warm hospitality, and desire to provide its guests with the very best.Soft sofas upholstered in velvet, pleasant to the touch. Charming golden fringe gives some flavor of glamor. The ceiling in the interior of a living room in a Baroque style has decorated by a multilevel niche with exquisite stucco moldings and a massive crystal chandelier. Carved marble on the floor visually reminiscent of a luxurious Persian rug, thanks to artsy patterns of several species of that noble stone. Luxury Italian classical-style curtains become the beautiful final touch in this stunning beauty living room.