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Design and home planning is the basis, which is the pre-history of each project in Africa from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. Plan of a house or cottage plan responds to all the wishes of customers, with the purpose that the house later became an ideal habitat in which comfortable to each family member .  Beautiful houses, which designed by our studio, considering as the time-tested traditions and possibilities of modern technologies. Construction of home in Africa for our customers - is a fascinating process, which is filled with only positive emotions. Only high-class professionals do the job. Designing homes by professional architects, engineers and designers.The layout of the house provides all the elements of the interior of the house. Home planning includes providing a full package of project documentation. To the house was comfortable, functional and reliable, you need to rationally think through the interior, walls, doorways, windows, staircases portals, the materials used, the area of each room, the balance of all the plumbing components. Experts design studio in Africa fully knowing how to build a house. House plan we analyze that owners will be pleased for many years. Home planning or planning of cottages, as a rule, includes three plans. This is the plan of the ground floor, attic plan, and master plan. Each of these plans is different in its characteristics.  Completed projects of Africa houses - it's a big package of documents and drawings, which allow in the future to implement all the ideas and build a luxury home.

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