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A residential complex project by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is designed in a modern style. A total area  according to a master plan is 6000 sq.m. This area contains the main building of 1800 sq.m. and a guest house  , which is about 700 sq.m. A part of this ambitious project was a landscape design and the territory arrangement. The main building has two floors and penthouses with open terraces on the roof. For a bright image and artistic expression, the project authors proposed in the house finishing three shades, natural wood, white and gray. This technique makes the building more subtle and more harmonious. In the project natural materials such as precious wood and natural stone dominate. In the upper terraces, as well as in the area around the pool,  the designers used such a technique as Mashrabia. This is a mesh canopy with a certain pattern, which allows to keep cool even on the hottest days.

The large-scale project included all stages of the perfect comfort creation.

  • They are schemes development of air conditioning systems,
  • Planning of outdoor parking and parking spaces inside the building,
  • Design of external and internal illumination
  • Territory arrangement
  • Landscape design
  • Interior solutions for all premises
  • Security system and CCTV monitoring system design
  • Smart home system
  • Full specifications of all materials, green plants and furniture

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio develops projects in accordance with international quality standards.

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